Friday, July 18, 2014

Of Charity Sale for Palestine and #MH17

Siapa free Ahad ni?
Jom join saya and the other Adras of La Kayena for our preloved and charity sale!
Nak sumbangkan items for sale pun boleh.
There will be sharing sessions with sis Maria Elena Zarul and sis Ayesha Syahira too!

Date : 20 July 2014
Time : 10AM-5PM
Venue : Masjid Al-Falah USJ 9, Subang Jaya

My condolence to families of victims of #MH17 and also, not to forget, Palestine.
Semoga dikurniakan ketabahan bagi mereka. Dan janganlah berhenti berdoa.

#prayforislam #prayforgaza #prayformalaysia

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