Sunday, October 26, 2014

Promo 3 for RM100 + FREE shipping! :)

Clearance sale!
Last pieces up for grab.

Pick any 3 wideshawls for ONLY RM100 + free shipping.

WhatsApp <NAME> <ADDRESS> <CODES> to 0136392725 to order.

Available codes;
+Brownish Grey
+Dark Brown
+Light Brown
+Halloween Brown
+Soft Blue
+Deep Red

+ESXL01 Black
+ESXL04 Brown
+ESXL05 Light Green 
+ESXL06 Turquoise
+ESXL07 Blue
+ESXL08 Purple
+ESXL09 Pink
+ESXL10 Hot Pink 

+SS06 Green
+SS11 Soft/Deep Pink 
+SS12 Orange-Yellow

+SM03 Brown
+SM04 Pink 
+SM05 Blue
+SM11 Deep Brown
+SM14 Maroon Red


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